keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

++Heresy grows from idleness++

Hey what’s up people, it has been ages since the last update! Whole crew here has had a lot of things going on and we apologize for the lack of content. However, we’re back on our feet and got some great news for everyone! This Friday 1st of February we’re going to launch a whole new serie called Painting of the Month (PotM).

The idea started somewhere back in December 2012 after having a sudden realization of having literally hundreds of unpainted minis just lying around everywhere. So we struck up a deal, PotM. Now the way this works is quite simple, we nominate a unit, regiment, monster, warband, vehicle or whatever that we’ll paint and by the time the month changes that said selection of minis should be ready for a showcase.

So stay tuned for the first episode of PotM starting this Friday, 1st of February!