sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2013

PoTM: Raven guard assault squad with Chaplain

Good news everyone! It's mid-moon madness with another Painting of The Month update. Here's the solution for my ever growing strike forces lack of punch. Ten-man assault squad with some nice hitty upgrades.

As you might have already spot there's an eleventh member in the group. A Chaplain! I found this chap when I was going through my collection of pairless socks. There he was at the bottom of the box, half-painted and looking very angry. A suitable addition to my squad. As all Marine players know a Chaplain is very handy when the fight gets ugly. This fella gives a nice little boost in hand-to-hand combat. With his Liturgies of Battle I can reroll any missed hit the turn when I assault. Now that's good news when you're assaulting with 10 marines. The angry man himself is not a bad fighter either. Armed with power weapon and having 4+ invulnerable save he is a tough one to beat. Also the squad he joins in turns fearless. Respect the mans authority!

Sergeant is armed with Power fist and Storm shield. A costly combination, but a deadly one as well.

There's also a single flamer in the squad as my regular opponents are usually either Dark Eldar or Orks. A little barbeque never harmed anyone with good armor. Oh wait! Orks and Eldar don't have very good armor. What's that smell...?

To sum it all up here's a picture of the whole force so far. I was actually quite pleased with the result so far as I was taking pictures. I starts to look like a proper army. A quick calculation gave about 1100 points for whole lot.

 Next on the table is the Predator. It's going to be the not-so-often-seen destructor pattern. Autocannon and pair of Heavybolters added up with pintle-mounted stormbolter gives me a nice amount of infantry killing firepower. This is Tatu signing out

maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

PotM: Crypt Ghouls

Hey how is it going people, this is Eto and today is the first day of the month which means it's time for another episode of Painting of the Month (PotM), a series where we'll nominate a unit at the start of the month and by the time it's the first day of the following month we'll showcase those units. For March's episode I had chosen to paint Vampire Counts Crypt ghouls. Back to the humble core units after last month’s massive Mortis Engine. Crypt ghouls are often seen in the tournaments as the bread and butter core units of Vampire counts, 2 poisoned attacks and toughness of 4 while being relatively cheap. Sounds good to me.

The problem I have as collector is that these models are extremely boring to paint. Basically these models just lack any form of enjoyable part. It felt like I was painting 10 models that were constantly stuck on the basecoat situation up until finished. However starting to mix in shades and highlights as you paint the basic colors in is a good way to break down that vicious circle.

Due to their ‘outgoing’ posture, trying to rank them up is a bit of a challenge. With the huge selection of available arms and the nature of these cannibals you can come up with a great squabbling theme.

The ghouls are quite charismatic if you compare them to other less fleshy undead units. So while they are quite a pain in the arse to paint, they look great once they’re finished.

For his high level of intellect Bob the Bright was chosen as the champion of his pack

Despite his best efforts to be in the limelight all by himself, Charles the Corpseswinger was photobombed

For April’s episode of PotM I’ll be painting Vampire Counts Grave Guard unit.

As a side note: I've also been thinking of continuing my 40k Ork army so there might be a few updates regarding those in the future (pun unintended.) At least for now there will be one additional Vampire Counts related update. So that’s pretty much it for today’s episode of PotM. I’ll see you guys in the next episode, this is Eto signing off.