lauantai 1. kesäkuuta 2013

PoTM: Raven guard Terminators

Hello! It's time to update yet another Painting of The Month chapter. As I promised is update consist not one but two new squads to my ever growing Raven Guard army.

First the scouts:

These fellas were coated with thick layers of old paint and as a lazy painter I did not bothered to scrap the old layers off. The result is somewhat poor. Cleverly I took only one picture in shady lighting so the illusion of me being a good painter does not fade. Close combat weapons and bolt pistols there.

Sergeant is converted to carry a power fist for a little Uumpf. I don't expect them to survive very long. The main reason for their existense is the teleport homer which allows me to deep strike my brand new terminator squad down to the battlefield with pin-point accuracy.


Boom! Here they are. 8 of the finest. Sergeant is an old captain model. He's sword arm was missing so I had to make a new one from the terminator box. Bit of green stuff and gluing there. Other equipment consist a pair of chainfists and of course all the special weapon options are available.

Assault Cannon

Cyclone missile launcher

Heavy Flamer

And here are few detail pictures

The terminators were incredibly fun to paint. Also being able to paint white surfaces for a change was very pleasant. I'll be definately making another squad of them probably with assault weapons.

Next month it's time for the Captain. I'm also making a report about the assembly of my new paint station which arrived from Poland last week.

Stay tuned nerds.