sunnuntai 5. toukokuuta 2013

PoTM: Raven guard Predator

Hey hey. It's yet another Painting of The Month update from Tatu. This time it's the predator. It was quite a quick tank to paint mainly because my skills with highlighting black have been improving. The turret and the crew manning the storm bolter took most of the time. As you can see this one is a destructor pattern predator. Quite a cheap solution and very good against lightly armoured infantry. When stationary it can unleash 10 S4-7, AP4-5 hits in a turn. Not bad. Next month it's going to be a double-whammy surprize-update and it has something to do with this gizmo. It's been beeping on my desk for few days now. I think it's sending a signal of some sort. This is Tatu signing out