keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013

PoTM: Raven guard Captain

Hey hey.

Here's the latest addition to my Raven Guard force. A captain. As you can see it's an Emperor's Champion from the Black templars. I like the miniature so much that I had to paint one for the Raven Guard also. Paintjob was pretty straighforward because I wanted to keep color palette to a minimum. Here's some pictures.

Next I'll be steering away from the Raven guard for a while mainly for two reasons; I'd like to use some colours while painting and secondly the rumours tell that there's going to be a new Codex for Space Marines in autumn. So the summer is a good time to break up the routines. I have an Imperial guard sentinel and some chaos cultists on my desk now. Let's see what can we make of them.

This is Tatu signing out.

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